Ultra Power 230 V chargers for our Lithium Accupacks

Because of the numerous questions regarding high power chargers for todays and the futures accu technology with ever increasing capacities and charge rates, we tested the following high power chargers. The positive results now cause us to offer the Ultra Power chargers with 330, 600, and 1200 W to the market.

This charging power cannot be realised from a 12 V Lead Acid Battery.

These chargers therefore  work with 230 V, either provided from the net or a 230 V generator with enouch performance.

These chargers will charge all Lithium accus. For safety reasons, Li-Polymer accus will only be charged to a charge cutt-off voltage of 4,125 Volt per cell. Using a PC-Interface Adapter all charge parameters will be transferred to the chargers.

The software to do this is available separately. The software is able to program all presented chargers, so in a club with several and different charger types, the software only has to be bought once. For each accupack the software generates a specific file, containing the charge parameters. To change the charger from one to a different accupack, that specific file is to be opened and send to the charger. This will take less than a minute. After that you have a plug and play charger. You simply connect the accupack to be charged to the charger and then connect the charger to the 230 V power source. The charger will start charging automatically. When the green LED lights up, the charge is finished. Disconnect the charger from the 230 V power supply first, and then the accupack from the charger and enjoy your discharging.

In case the charger is to charge only one specific type of accupack, we will do the programing, so the software is not required.

The software still is pretty expensive. But having sold 100 chargers it can be offered at an acceptable price of Euro 89,00. Thus anyone who buys a charger gets an option to buy the software at this price, once 100 chargers have been sold.

Following the specifications and technical data of the chargers:

Microprocessor controlled, continuous duty, fully programmable, multi-stage battery chargers and monitors for
lead-acid, lithium, NiCd, NiMH and NiZn batteries

Batteries have to be properly charged to achieve long term reliability. The charger families are fully programmable accordingly to the battery manufacturer charging specification. The parameters may be set in the factory or in the field through a unique PC interface over the charger battery output leads. Through the same interface not only the charging parameters but also a lot of other information is accessible: charged amp-hours, charging times etc.


Basic product features:

Technical Data

Type    Charge Voltage    Charge Current     Power                            FePO                 Li-Mn/Po

30212    10 – 16,5 V                   0,4 – 20 A            330 W                        3 – 4 S             3 – 4 S

30224    20 – 33 V                      0,2 – 10 A            330 W                        6 – 9 S             5 – 7 S

60124    20 – 33 V                      0,3 – 17 A             600 W                       6 – 9 S             5 – 7 S

60136    30 – 49,5 V                   0,2 – 12 A             600 W                       9 – 13 S           8 – 11 S

60148    40 – 66 V                      0,15 – 9 A             600 W                       11 – 18 S         10 – 15 S

100124  20 – 33 V                      0,6 – 35 A            1200 W                      6 – 9 S             5 – 7 S

100136  30 – 49,5 V                   0,4 – 24 A            1200 W                      9 – 13 S           8 – 11 S

100148  40 – 66 V                      0,3 – 18 A            1200 W                      11 – 18 S         10 – 15 S

Type 302xx

Charge Power 330 Watt

Weight    2,1  kg

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm   210 x 130 x 60


Price: 285,00 €


Type 601xx

Charge Power 600 Watt

Weight   2,0  kg

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm   240 x 108 x 82


Price: 325,00 €

Type 1001xx


Charge Power 1200 Watt

Weight 3,6 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH) mm   240 x 215 x 82


Price: 545,00 €

Valid for all Types

Power Supply                    230V ±10% 50-60Hz

Ambient Temperature       -25 bis 35°C (power reduction at elevated temperatures)

Operating Humidity           15 bis 95% RH (not condensing)

Protections/Approvals       IP21 / EN60 335-1 / EN60 335-2-29

Software und PC-Interface Adapter

 Price: 250,00 €



Type 30212

This type was used to charge  3S1P und 4S1P FePo accupacks as follows:

Charge with 10 A   Charging time 15 min  Accutemperature 33 Degrees Celsius

Charge with 15 A   Charging time 12 min  Accutemperature 39 Degrees Celsius

Charge with 20 A   Charging time   9 min  Accutemperature 45 Degrees Celsius

After having charged a 4S1P accupack with 20 A starting current the pack was immediately used in an Excel Competition 3 glider from Simprop. The increase of the packs performance at 45 degrees was astonishing.

With two 3S1P accupacks, charged at 20 A, we were able to keep a FunJet from Multiplex airborne for one hour, except for the landings to change the accupacks. Flying time with these packs is 10 min, charging time at 20 A only 9 min


My FunFlyer with 1,3 m wingspan is powered by a 4S1P accupack, which will never leave this plane again. Flight time with this pack is 14 min. The pack is being charged with 15 A starting current. Charging time is 12 min. There is no need for a second akkupack .

Type 100124

With this charger we charged a 8S2P FePO Akkupack als follows:

Charge current 30 A   Charge time 13 min  accutemperature 39 Degrees Celsius

This pack is powering an Align Helicopter T-Rex 650. With two of these packs, the pilot is able to do a flight every 15 minutes. A new aera in electric flight has begun.

Type 100136

With this charger type we charged the following FePO packs:

12S1P Charge current 10 A  Charge time 15 min accutemperature 49 degrees Celsius

This pack is used to power an Ultimate bi-plane with a wingspan of 1,6 m. After a short but ambicious aerobatic program of 5 minutes the pack has a temperature of 45 degrees and is connected to the charger without a break to cool down the pack. After the charge the pack has a temperature of 49 degrees and is flown at that temperature. With 1600 Watts input power the performance of that plane is breathtaking. It climbs straight up without an end. Using this charger, five flights could be realised in only two hours. The decision is obvious, instead of a second accupack operating with a slow charger, the Ultimate will be flown with this one pack and our Ultra Power Charger.


13S2P  charge current 20 A charge time 15 min accutemperature 35 degrees Celsius

This pack will be powering a Jet model with two EDF (electric ducted fans). Static testing shows 2,8 KW and 4 kg thrust for take off. After take off the power will be about 2,5 KW with a cold pack. This power drop is due to the lower voltage of the pack under load and the motorchoice was based on this. Calculated flight time is 4,5 minutes at full throttle. With a warm pack after charging the power will be about 1500 Watts each fan. Maiden flight will take place early in 2008. We will keep you informed.

Type 60124

With this charger we charged  Li-Ion Mn packs as follows:

6S3P, 4200 mAh Charge current 13,5 A Time 35 min accutemperatur 25 Degrees C

6S3P, 4200 mAh Charge current 15,0 A Time 30 min accutemperatur 30 Degrees C

6S3P, 4200 mAh Charge current 17,0 A Time 25 min accutemperatur 35 Degrees C

This pack powers a Raptor E 550 from ThunderTiger.

How this pack performes during aerobatics can been seen here


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